He started his music training at an early age, playing the piano. Much later, at the age of 21 he got hooked on electronic music played at the basements of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and purchased his first turntables. During his studies he worked the double shift, both as a student and as a resident DJ at his old university town's club.

In 2005 Avishay started producing his own music under the name A.Balter. His first release, two techno remixes of BLT's classic "patterns of" came out on Iboga Records' set:8 -Electronic Ballroom and his next release on the same label"Perfect Stranger-Free Cloud (Perfect Stranger vs A.Balter)" From Stardust Remixes EP got good response from Armin Van Buuren, Dave Spoon, Mistress Barbara, Adam K and many more.

He is currently a resident DJ for Israel's leading Techno-Progressive organization and without a doubt one of the busiest DJ's in Israel. His DJ sets are known to be hypnotizing, psychedelic and pumping, pushing the crowd to its limits in all possible directions. As 2009 unfolds it is getting harder to miss the break through of Avishay, more releases are coming and a stack of exciting performances is always lined up, so make sure catch him at a party near you.

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