4DigitalAudio was set up by Grant Collins and James Monro in the summer of 2008. With over 30 years of experience between them in the dance music scene, and having been writing music together as 4D since 1997 (with several releases on Flying Rhino Records, Iboga and Flow) it was decided that now was the time to create their own platform from which to release their brand of cutting edge and highly polished techno/electronica.

Grant has had over 100 releases as Darshan, his trance project that saw huge success on Flying Rhino, Dragonfly and Rennaisance in the 90s, and has played all around the globe. Excession, a more progressive sound that has seen releases on Fire Recordings (the label he started with Cass Cutbush, Lee Burridge and Pete Martin aka Slide), Iboga, Flying Rhino as well as remix work for Hoojchoons. He is currently producing his debut album under the monica of Skein, his breaks project with vocalist Loren Warn for Pieces of Eight Records.

James has been a dj since the late 80's. He has played pretty much everywhere there is to play and has worked along side many of the biggest names in dance music. He helped set up and was one of the owners of Flying Rhino Records, the seminal trance label that constantly pushed the boundries of electronic dance music through the 90's and early millennium. He also co-produced over 100 releases on Flying Rhino and on many other labels such as Technossomy, Stoop&Fidget, Slinky Wizard, Bumbling Loons and 4D and has been hard at work developing his solo project over the last few years. He has also produced music for tv and theatre. He helped set up and is co-owner of TBrecords/Tropical Beats - a music label and DJ agency in Brasil.

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