4D - Stryker EP  
(Techno) Out Now


Dr. Motte (muzicr.de)
Stryker is a fantastic funky acid techno track

Tom Laws
Decoder is the one

Jerome Isma-Ae
We support!

Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)
techno is back !!! 10/10


Thank You City - Smile Baby
(Techno) Out Now

Steve Ward (Chameleon))
Fucking amazing tune! love the original!
Smile Baby - 10/10

Fiord (Sprout / Flow)
All mixes are sick!! nice work guys! Quality!
Smile Baby - 10/10!

Nick Warren (Hope)
All 3 mixes are excellent - Smile Baby - 9/10

D-Nox (Sprout)
Sam's remix is a winner.. great work, full support
Smile Baby (Sam Waller Remix) 8/10

Tesla (Rezone / 1605 / Bulldozer)
Huge Floorfiller! - Smile Baby (Original Mix)

Chris Llopis - Searchlight EP  
Out Now

Dr. Motte (muzicr.de)
Funky release! james monro remix has a spirit of an open air psy festival inside. will play tonite,

Sam Paganini (Plus8 / Drumcode)
Nice! Lets go there (original mix) for me,
- 10/10

Good groove mix from these musketeers. Will DJ and support.

Tomasz Balicki aka Atmos / Dominic Thomas
Lets Go There (James Monro Remix)

Sasha Carassi
nice vibes :)

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4D - Damage EP

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Shane Berry - Could you repeat that? EP   
Out Now

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)
Quite enjoying the darker Sevrenine .. great stuff thanks!

Mollo (Flat Belly)
Could You Repeat That (Original Mix) is cool! 10/10

Q'Hey (MB Elektronics)
Excellent work from Shane!
Could You Repeat That (Original Mix)

Tomy DeClerque (1605 / Blufin)


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Gleb Gold ft.Evgeny - Vertag  
 Out Now

The Advent (Kombination Research)
Vertag (Omer Remix) & ... Vertag (James Monro Remix)..
big groove.. 9/10.

Dr. Motte (muzicr.de)
fantastic release. we love all. great experienced music.
can't wait to play... 9/10

Dopamine (Disconnected Audio)
nice solid tunes, great production 9/10

Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted)
Omer's remix ! thanks !

Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)
really cool tracks !!! 10/10


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Presuming ED - Take it or leave it  
Out Now

Jesse Suspekt (Open Records)
Great relaese all round, love it
Take It (James Monro Remix)

Kimono (Phobiq / BEK Audio / H-Productions)
Very cool tracks here. Will play asap! Leave It
(Original Mix)

A. Balter (Digital Structures)
outstanding psychedelic Techno with classic influences and a very "now" feel. Take It (Original Mix) 9/10

Dr. Motte (muzicr.de)
experienced music! excellent release. sounds like sound of frankfurt/main. Take It (James Monro Remix) 8/10

4D - Damage EP

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4D - Damage EP   (Techno) Out Now

Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)
Dark & Dirty groove !!! thx :) 10/10 - [Damage / Presuming Ed Remix]

Kosheen DJs (Skeleton / 1605)
Great release.. downloading :) 9/10 - [Damage / Original]

Lenny Douglas (House Nation / SF)
Nasty stuff! Original Mix final payoff is really BIG! 7/10

Spartaque (I AM Techno / Kiss FM / UA)
Presuming Ed Remix is for me! :) 9/10

Pierre Deutschmann (Blufin)
great package ... 10/10 - [Damage / Original Mix]


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Lucyd - Contours EP  (Techno) Out Now

Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted)
Cheeky Corner is the one for me! (Original Mix) 8/10

Alex & Filip (Mirablis / Respekt / SOA)
Fiord all over! Love these guys! Lucyd (Fiord Remix) 8/10

Beltek (1605 / CR2)
Conflux is crazy! (Original Mix) 9/10

Lenny Douglas (House Nation / SF)
Awesome quality on the production here. Really liking Conflux, sounds big! (Original Mix) 9/10

Dany Rodriguez (MB Elektronics / Phobiq)
Summer is here, really good! Lucyd (Fiord Remix) 8/10

Audio Junkies (Joe - Asymmetric / Definitive)
nice minimalistic acid vibe on 'Bent' - will check it out... Lucyd - Fiord Remix - smoking hot! thanks! 7/10

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Excession & Presuming ED- Volt  (Techno) Out Now

Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)
Lunar Phase (Original Mix) 10/10

A. Balter (Digital Structures)
Smack that ass ! Lunar Phase (Original Mix) 9/10

Tocadisco (Tocacabana / Toca45)
yeah dark and groovy. love it! Lunar Phase (Original) 8/10

Lenny Douglas (House Nation / SF)
Slammin stuff here. Something to throw into my Burning Man bin! :) Lunar Phase (Original Mix) 8/10

The Advent (Kombination Research)
like the mood in Volt (Original Mix) 8/10

Kosheen DJs (Skeleton / 1605)
cool tunes.. thanks.Volt (Original Mix) 8/10

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Sam Waller - Seratonin EP  (Tech House) Out Now

Groove Armada (Tom Findlay)
Love Fibonacci Sequence (Original Mix) 8/10

Armin Van Buuren
Nice!! Fibonacci Sequence (Original Mix) 8/10

Joey Beltram (STX)
Good stuff. Will support. Fibonacci Sequence 9/10

Ken Ishii (70 Drums)
Fibonacci Sequence sounds really cool. Love title too. 10/10

Sasha Carassi (Phobiq / Drumcode)
Brillant!Will play! Fibonacci Sequence (Original Mix) 8/10

Gennaro Le Fosse (Cocoon / 8 Sided Dice / CODE)
WOW!!! My EP of the week as of now!! I need more tunes like this!! Full Support Mr Waller! Fibonacci Sequence: 8/10

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4D - Cycles EP  (Techno) Out Now

Cycles is very good! 8/10

David Seaman
Cycles is slammin.

Stephan Bodzin
Sounds great to me.

Best release yet!

Anderson Noise

Dandi & Ugo
Cycles is great!! rolling techno atmosphere

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Dominic Thomas - I Said Nothing (Techno) Out Now

Cool track. 8/10

Anthony Pappa
All 3 tracks are really good: my fav is Original

The Advent
Will Support
. 8/10

Omid 16B [2]
Nice Sounds!

Anderson Noise
Great! 10/10

Nice and deep, just the way I like it - wikid stuff! 8/10

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JamesMonro - Hyperdrive EP  (Techno) Out Now

Jerome Ism-Ae
'In my case!' (Excession & Presuming Ed mix)

great flow and groove. simple and old school alike.

Meat Katie
really like this!!!

Fiord (Sprout / Flow)
Killer tune from James.. Relentless driving groove!

Dandi & Ugo
Original is for us !!! 10/10

massive tune
Hyperdrive (Excession & Presuming Ed Remix) 10/10

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4D - Stargen EP (Progressive) Out Now

"crazy late night madness, cool!" Perfect Stranger remix

Dyno (Hell Yeah)
Perfect Stranger remix for me...full support!! 10/10

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio)
"...Fantastic 4D..." 9/10 4D Original

Chris (Insomnia/Free Radio fm)
"Great work on this! Backing it up on the radio..!" 10/10 4D

Frank (Partysan)
"...Phat stuff!! Perfect Stranger remix for me..." 9/10

Christian Varela
"Beautiful!" - Stargen - Original Mix

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4D - Phantom EP (Progressive/Techno) Out Now

Paul Oakenfold
"Sick bassline in Original. Nice to see Atmos here, love his stuff 9/10."

Hernan Cattaneo
"Atmos mix for me really good will play big time."

Laurent Garnier
"Phantom Original is the mix for me Will hammer this."

Nick Warren
"Atmos mix is cool."

Orde Meikle (Slam)
"Tough techno - big room stuff." Phantom - Original Mix

"Phantom (original) is the one for me....."

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Stripper - Wasp Killers (Techno)  Out Now

"Good old dirty late-night electronic madness....love it!"

Christian Cambas
"Both tracks are massive!! 100% support!"

Jamie Stevens (Infusion)
"4d remix is pretty rocking! One for the bigger sets for sure!" 9/10

Chloe Harris (Mashtronic Recs / Proton Radio)
"This is sick. Huge 4am madness!"

Mistress Barbera
"Like the 4D remix!

Terry Francis (Fabric)
"...like it!" 8/10

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A Balter - Springtime EP   (Techno)  Out Now

" 10/10"

Jim Masters
Original is a good belting slice of big room techno

Flash Brothers (Cr2, Armada)
"4D remix is very cool techno stuff!!!"

Jamie Stevens
"Love this: creative, unpredictable and really well made! Full support!"

"holy shit this amazing! will be rinsing this - 10/10."

Claude Von Stoke

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Presuming Ed - Tempted EP  (Techno) Out Now

Nick Warren
Love 'Tempted' - its a biggie. 9/10

Dave Seaman
'All sounds good - esp. This Spaceship'.

Orde Meikle (Slam)
'tough as nails - dark and edgy'

Jamie Stevens (Infusion)
'Heavy! love it for the right environments'

Anthony Pappa
I like this... and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa

Meat Katie
'Acid rockers remix for me ;-) Mumbles'